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Profit Mate is SIMPLE.

It downloads “contacts” in ANY NICHE from the “contact us” page of any search keyword on Google.

Take the keyword “Dog Training,” for example. 

Just put in your “target” and press “Search Now!”

Profit Mate will scan the internet and find all website owner’s with “Dog Training” affiliated sites.

In other words…

You are instantly building a list of highly targeted potential customers to the offer of your choice. All in “seconds” from pressing GO.

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Easy Affiliate Marketing Toolkit

100% DONE-FOR-YOU Clickbank Affiliate Site Pre-Loaded With Multiple Product Reviews For Offers From WarriorPlus, JVZoo & Clickbank. Use our pre-made site or create your own with our custom made app!


This year is the beginning of a new decade, you need to act fast to join Online money making team.

Herein, I will highlight 5 out of numerous Online businesses you can start with little or no capital.

They are good businesses you can pick and make money passively, I will advice you research on it and take steps to actualize your dream.

1. Content Writing: if your hobby is writing, then this is for you. Turn your hobby to money, i.e. you will have fun and make money doing what you like. We have so many companies online looking for freelance writers to fill their needs. You also, can start today and make some dough.

2. Dropshipping: this is a simple logic of middleman in business, your is to research a high-end demand items in you area, download the pictures, advertise to your prospects for orders, add items landing cost and your profit margin together and give it to your prospects as the item price. Once they pay you, you place the order and put your customers address for delivery. Then you pocket your profit, easy!

3. Digital products: Turn your knowledge into a ebooks. There is so much information on the internet to rewrite. Use the Word Processing app on your phone, write your book in word format and export/save to/as a PDF. There is nothing new, we are all just using different words, advertise your ebook online and make cool money.

4. Social Media Management: if you can develop contents and post in your social media account, then you can manage for people. All you need to do is research to be an expert. If you cannot get accounts online, then go to local businesses around you and discuss the advantage of managing their Social Media Account. Go with a good proposal and offer a week free trial to convince them.

5. Data Entry Clerk: if you are good with Microsoft office, then there is money to be made. You can join freelance sites and bid for data entry jobs. They pay good money and you can make a good career doing it. You need to be at the top of your job, do your research and get yourself fit for the job.

Lastly, be smart, do your research, take steps and make money.

Niyi Ogunremi

Virtual Assistant Expert

I Will Be Your Social Media Manager

We are Newport Virtual Assistant, an experienced and skilled Social Media Managers, greatly contributed to make efforts for building up businesses and gain profits through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Pinterest

What you will get with our services are:

1. Content writing
2. Daily posting of relevant contents ( using top relevant hashtags)
3. On time response to DM
4. Page optimization of your account
5. Remove spamming and foul content posted by others
6. Increase followers organically
7. Increase followers engagement
8. Designing relevant graphics
9. Professionally fix your Social media account Profile

Success comes with great service.

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Thank you.

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